This site is to provide a little help to 24 hour watch collectors. For many of them Russian Raketa is the first true 24h watch. That's why we call it Raketa24. Beside Raketa watches you can find some information on many of the 24h watches produced.

Here I relived also some archived sites. The perishing nature of world wide web is terrific. Many good sites are gone. Great sometimes helps, but not always.

We are especially glad to present archived famous site, courtesy of author André Stikkers. Enjoy, read, hunt and wear.

Another interesting site is by Jean-Michel. This domain is gone and site was moved to Unfortunately this site is extremely slow and has some errors. We replicated (last updates 2004) here too, because this site is the best source of information about Breitling Navitimer, which also had 24h models called Cosmonaute.

Excellent Breitling Cosmonaute - the history and development of a legend was compiled for by Alan Trott. Unfortunately, as you see, many of the pictures are gone. We restored almost all of them, only a couple are lost See the Cosmonaute History.

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