Le Chat 2007 Modified by Tommy in Scotland

Movements: Quartz
Time display: 24 hour 12 or 24 on top
Dial colors: Yellow and orange
Text on dial:
stainless steel

Tommy at the WuS 24hourwatch forum
"I got a scan of a 1940s aircraft clock dial, and using Microsoft Paint I dragged the diamonds in from the edge then played around with the numbers... the most ambitious task being to create the inverted readout with 12 at the top (OK some of you may argue that 24-at-top is the inverted readout...). The odd numbered hours were too small, so I saved a smaller dial image then pasted the odd numbers from the big dial onto the small dial. I did this before creating the 12-at-top version, thankfully! The 24-at-top was the first to be fitted. When my first cheap watch arrived I tried in vain to access the dial to change it, but only after I received help and advice on this forum could I complete this step."

pics used at this link

rollover for yellow 24 on top version