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                              is a non-profit site.
It's sole purpose is to promote and catalogue
24 hour wristwatches.
On this available page you'll find "all available 24 hour mechanical wristwatches"
above the $ 500.00. Available means that they are or recently were in production.
Mildly priced 24 hour mechanical watches can be found at this link.
Most available quartz 24 hour wristwatches in Quartz models.
The 24 hour gallery is a display off almost all 24 hour watches ever produced.

Ever since 1993, when I received a Raketa for my birthday, I'm hooked.
Before I didn't even wear a watch. Time was always at hand in my few.
One just have to look around to tell the time. The sun, daily life, church clocks and bells and so on. The watch that express the feeling I had before I began wearing one is Think the Earth. To me it symbolizes what 24 hour stands for, Earth spinning. (and it spins around his axis one's a day not twice ;-).
For this reason 12 on top is my favorite setting since it follows the path of the sun.
If you like to read more about the history off 24 hour time, go to Pete's site.
If you have any questions or like to discuss 24 hour watches please
visit the WUS 24 hour watches forum.

André Stikkers