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AirNautic watch company.
Between 1998 and 2004 the Yantar Watches company.
The Yantar watches design convinces by its clarity and simplicity.
All Yantar watches had the 12 on top and 24/00 at the bottum.
Because of this dial design the hour hand is able to follow the imaginairy path of our sun through the sky and keeps following it when the sun sets and goes down under.
Exactly at 00/24 the data changed and at 06.00 hour it rises above the horizon again.

The sun's path concept underlines the basics of a 24 hour watch:
1.There are 24 hour in a day
2.The date changes at midnight.
3. Around the equator the sun sets at 18.00 hour and rises at 06.00 hour.

The Airnautic watch company in association with the original designer relaunched 3 yantar models in January 2009 under the brand name AirNautic.

AirNautic AN-24 Pilot
AirNautic AN-24 Submarine
AirNautic AN-24 GMT

AirNautic Early Bird
AirNautic Dress watch
AirNautic Early Bird 2011