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The Glycine Airman was born in 1953 to become one of the two most famous 24 hour watches and after 50 years it is more alive then ever!
Glycine launched the fifth generation Airman in 1998 by
giving birth to the Airman 2000.
So far 9 models followed in his footsteps and they turned this 5th generation into the largest group ever. The story continues!
What is the secret of the Airmans success? Is it the beautiful but effective design or is it because it was embraced by the US army pilot's during the Vietnam war? It surely helps that Glycine Airman was big in the USA for a long period of time.
It is the Glycine Sales & Service Center in the USA that kept the Airman alive during the period 1988-1990. During this period Glycine had no Airman in his own collection.
The Airman GMT-2000 was designed and produced by Werner Siegrist.
Beside the launch of Airman
World Time Watch nothing happened during the period 1990-1998.
During the ninety's the mechanical watch tide turned for the better. Glycine saw this opportunity and in 1998 re-launched the Airman by producing Airman
The renewed interest was also noticed in the far east and we see a new model hit the market. It's a near replica of the model 1, the so called Fake Airman. A perfect look-alike that sells as good as his vintage brother. Mainly on tourist markets in the far east and unaware internet buyers. And so the monkey grasps his own tail and the circle is round.

Very special thanks to Werner Siegrist from Falcon watch.
More about my personal "dealings" with the Airman at this link.
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