The soul purpose of this site is to promote and catalog 24 hour wristwatches.

Q:What is a 24 hour Watch?

A: The hour hand on a genuine 24 hour watch rotates once every 24 hour.
The minute hand rotates once every hour as it does on a 12 hour watch.

:What is a GMT/UTC watch?

A: A GMT/UTC watch is a 12 hour watch with 24 hour indication.It has a hour hand that
rotates once every 12 hour and a smaller (often bright red) hour hand that rotates once
every 24 hour to display a second timezone.

:What is a worldtimer?

A: A world timer is a watch with a 12 hour hand and a city disk or hand that rotates once every
 24 hour to indicate what time it is in the depicted cities(sometimes even once every 12 hour,
the cities from different time zones are put together-these are the worst-)

:Are these watches for sale?

A:No this site sales nothing.The watches in the pages available however are for sale at your
"local" watch shop.(I hope ;-)

:Do you have copyright on these pictures?

A:I have no copyright on any of these pictures.
some pictures courtesy of
Please contact me if you have copyrights on one of the pictures.

:Why did you made this site?

A: Around 1993 I received a Raketa 24 hour watch as a present.
I was hooked on first site. When is became clear -just by sweating-that my Raketa
wasn't waterproof I went to the watch store to buy me a good 24 hour watch.
You can imagine how bewildered I was to learn that there where none for sale.
Most of the time they didn't even understand what I was talking about.
So that's when my quest began, resulting into this site.
First page on the NeT in 1998
     Have fun with it !