Glycine Airman Quartz 1978-1988 < >

Name: Glycine Airman Quartz
Movements used over the years:
FHF 960.111 1978-1988 model 3
ETA 955.422 1989-1995 Glycine GMT-2000
Time display: 24 hour
Dial colors: Black,blue "dégradé" evidencing day and night
Glycine GMT-2000 by Werner Siegrist after Glycine stopt producing model 3 in 1989.
These models are still in production under the name
Falcon Airman GMT-2001 and GMT-3000.
Date indicator:
black color
Text on dial:
Glycine Airman and the Glycine Logo
Text on dial GMT-2000:
Glycine GMT-2000
Hour markers at the even-hours
Rotating bezel


rollover image for the airmans personal nurse

Glycine Sales & Service Center in the USA has kept the Airman alive during the period 1988-1990.
It was during this periode that Glycine decided not to produce a new Airman.
Since the Airman was a number one selling watch in the USA for over a periode of 20 years Werner Siegrist owner of the Glycine Sales & Service Center was not willing to let the Airman go.
With the permission of Glycine he produced the Airman GMT-2000.

The Glycine Airman GMT-2000 was designed and produced by Werner Siegrist owner of Falcon Watch USA.
The Glycine Sales & Service Center changed it name in Falcon Watch after Glycine decided to ask royalty for using there name.
The Airman 2000 is still available under the name
Falcon Airman GMT 2001 and Falcon Airman GMT 3000 at Falcon Watch.


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