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Petrodvorets Watch Factory

From small workshops on stone processing (1721) to large enterprises for the production of watches, pocket watches and alarm clocks mark "Rocket" - this is a brilliant way of the oldest enterprises in Russia.

HISTORY JSC "Petrodvorets Watch Factory" is inextricably linked with the development of Russian culture, and always tried to preserve the glory of the masters of Russian masters. The whole world knows of the plant, in the Hermitage, St. Isaac's Cathedral, China Palace, etc.

1954 - year of birth Petrodvorets Watch Factory. Unique equipment and skill watchmakers Peterhof allowed us to become a leader in the country.

Petrodvorets Watch Factory was the first country to have waived build a single master clock and the Operations section of the pipeline, by the first, over time, to have waived the conveyor assembly. Instead, he lined up in the workshop series machines, which for the first time in the history of watch-making industry of the country gathered mechanisms hours of the highest quality. Robots freed people for more creative work, allowing a unique work.

HOURS FOR WORK in extreme conditions, the clock with semi-inserts, calendars, mineral and sapphire glass in chrome and gold-plated hulls, in cases with a special coating "black chrome" having corrosion resistance, watch for individual orders - these are not all the joint-stock company "Petrodvorets Watch Factory".

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